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Distributed Audio by Russound

Russound's C-Series system

Powerful, scalable and intuitive control

CA4 controller with keypads

Russound's C-Series system provides a powerful, expandable and intuitive means to control and enhance your multiroom audio experience. The MCA-C5 Multizone Controller Amplifier, MDK-C5 Multiline Display Keypads and a SRC-C5 System Remote Control provide complete control of up to eight system zones and sources.

Custom audio settings, Party Mode, Do Not Disturb, source and zone linking, and All On/Off participation are standard features. Incorporated in the MCA-C5 is a system clock with an alarms and sleep timers, Home Theater trigger, routed and common IR outputs, and eight 12VDC trigger outputs. Source eight can serve as a paging input and loop output for connection to a third party paging or phone system.


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Last modified: March 13, 2016
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